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Like "love" in the old song, Denise "walked right in and stole my troubles away..." She quickly understood where we were in the daunting process of seriously downsizing, knew what to do and how to do it, and who to recruit for help. She is clearly a pro, experienced and organized. She was firm but flexible with us, controlling but comforting, patient and efficient, inventive and reliable....We literally could not have done it without her...AND SHE'S A LOT OF FUN...!
D&J Oxnard


Help from Denise is like getting a much needed strike of lighting from a source of astounding clarity, compassion, and creativity. If Denise doesn't already have an immediate suggestion or solution for you in the moment, she is dedicated to researching a good approach, service, or product that matches your needs. I feel very comfortable in her presence and I have the highest trust in her promise of confidentiality. I find her insights and encouragements to be energizing. Denise has a beautiful gift of connecting and communicating with many types of people and I would recommend her services to anyone.
MBB - Ventura


Good morning, Denise.
I just had to tell you that I woke up this morning feeling a hope that I had not felt for so very long. I realized that I could never actually see the possibility of a highly organized environment...and, as we know, if "what we see, we can achieve," is true, then so too is the reverse, right? Now that I can see what is possible, it is like the sun has broken through the clouds and rays of light are shining down in those majestic beams (one on that box of stuff at the end of Mic's bed, one on the corner of my desk, etc... ;) I am so encouraged and motivated...and - get this: Tom told me this morning he is inspired by me!! You KNEW it would "rub off on him!!!" And it is...already! He even came in to help me...a first! We had such a great talk this morning...he put that box of stuff we took out of the trunk up in the attic, started clearing out old magazines, taking a look at his desk and his own environment.

I will have everything sorted and in its place or in a box, as committed by the end of this weekend. I can't wait to see what comes next.

Thank you, bless you, and I look forward to continuing this journey with your guidance.

Have a great day.
Maureen Simi Valley


I had a big job on my hands when Denise came to help... I had to
organize an art studio full of craft supplies of all kinds! With
Denise's help everything got labeled and everything suddenly "had a
home." Now the Artbarn is a place where people can come in and be
creative instead of chaotic. There's a feeling of harmony in the room
that didn't use to be there.

Clean up time is much easier now that we know where everything goes!
I was surprised at how simple it was one there was a system in place!

THANKS Denise! Life is more graceful with you in it!
: ))
Lynne Ventura


Oh my gosh, what a wonderful day today......So much accomplished it's unreal. As I walk thru my house I get the chills of excitement from being in a tidy house!! Before you arrived my rooms did get me sad from seeing the piles of "stuff" and my motivation to clean was overwhelming. Where do you start!?! I'm so glad you came to my rescue! I can now have people over and not be embarrassed of having friends and future dates to visit!! My fav so far is my bedroom!! I can truly relax in a sanctuary and recharge my batteries during the day!

So glad to have you in my life!!

Thank you Denise!!!

~Ken Ventura


(this client lost her partner and inherited in a lifetime of photos from his career.. she didn't know what to do and was not able to move on in her home and her life)


The photo archives have found a home and now I can move on in my life.

I have found a home for the photos.The Santa Monica Historical Society loved them and took all photos from his photojournalism career. What a relief. Yeah! I hope this is information you can pass along one day if anyone else needs to know."

Thanks for all the support on this project!

Barbara LA


Dear Denise,

You were a HUGE help...

I still need to re-organize on a monthly basis, but it much easier now. I have redone my office with new files and new cubbies and I have a much more organized feel to my office. My scrapbooking, needlepointing and business areas each have their own place now.

Thanks for ALL of your help and kindness in getting me to be more focused and organized.

Love you
MH Ojai


Hoarder Home Project

I never thought that i would be speaking of this in a testimonial........but alas, I must

I was facing the painful process of having to move my mother out of her home. She was not very willing, plus financially, she could not endure the economic hardships much longer. I waited till the bitter end to step in and make the obvious decision for her. This was going to be ugly... emotionally, financially, and physically. She had to move. It had been a long time since I'd even stepped foot into my mothers home. In my last visit there, the dust, dirt, grime, and hoarding had already begun. I didn't have the wherewithall to handle the obvious problem at that time, so I avoided the house altogether....... and my mother. I never payed visits to my mom's house, rather, I'd meet her somewhere else and never have to look at the ever-growing problem. I knew her problems must have been getting worse. she stopped allowing people, housekeepers, and maintenance men into her house. I was sure this was a result of serious mental illness and shame. She could not and would not face it. Finally the day came that i could no longer keep my head in the sand. My wife and I were bleeding money due to my mothers ever-growing bills and repairs we were paying for at her residence. When we made it clear that she no longer had a choice to live there, the real work began.

That first step (forcing my mother's hand in the move) was when we reached out to Amazing Grace Organizing. Denise was instantly available for us. She began by asking questions and was a sincere listener. Because so much shame was attached to our situation, Denise seemed to ask the right questions, so that we never felt hard pressed to reveal ourselves. She was always kind and thoughtful, not just for my wife and myself, but also my mother. You see, I had forgotten that my mom deserved honor and dignity. Denise always championed that cause.........

Her next step was to get a timeline together. When did we absolutely need to have my mom out of her house? Have we found a new space for her to live? Do we need a moving company etc etc? There were so many questions that we would have never have thought of. Ultimately, Denise was the earthangel to come to our families rescue. She had all the answers......and the questions that she couldn't answer, she found answers to in the end.

After several preliminary calls, we had formed a game plan........but execution of this plan was still ahead. We were walking on egg shells.

The first day, we all met and agreed to some very important ground rules:
1) My mom had to feel in control
2) There was to be no shaming
3) No under there breath remarks
4) All of us were to be focused on the goal
5) Get through as much as we could the first day
6) Acknowledge my mother's good work

Upon entering the house, we we all shocked at the site of her living environment.The house had clearly been neglected and the filth had grown exponentially. Ive never felt so embarrassed or ashamed of my family. Having said that, Denise took us all by the hand and explained (kindly) how we were to commence. We were all able to follow Denise's lead and took very small steps at the beginning. Simple steps were easy for all of us to handle. It felt like team building. Being her son ,I was horrified in knowing other people had to see this ugliness, the mental mess, the dirty little secret. Denise never batted an eye..... There was a job at hand and a goal.......and she kept us all on point!

We were able to get through a tremendous amount of household goods and garbage. Denise had brought in gloves, carrying totes, garbage dumpsters, and legal pads to jot down notes. As we got deeper and deeper into the rubble, Denise used loving psychology to get us through some rough spots. As the day went on, each and every one of us got irritated. Denise was always there to bring us down off the ledge. At the end of the day, we had a meeting to discuss what went well, and what are goals were for the next day. This was very effective.

Our move took us 5 days in total. It was one of the HARDEST UNDERTAKINGS I've ever experienced. It hit me on so many emotional levels. Amazing Grace Organizing and "Denise" were the most important call we made to handle this very difficult and delicate situation. In the end, Denise was able to effectively help make our wishes come true......and she always had a smile on her face!!!!

We are forever grateful for the experience and love she brought to the table. My relationship with my mother was bettered in the outcome "largely" due to the experienced hands that helped us. The graceful, knowledgable, kind, caring, and loving Denise will always be our heroine.........

Son of Hoarder... name withheld for privacy


When Denise Abdun-Nur came to me in Farmington, Connecticut it was on a desperation phone call two years ago (April 2010). The time had come to put our 14,000 square foot home of 20 years on the market. I was struggling with having to leave our home that I believed to be my dream home. Along with that, I was having great difficulty parting with all our belongings and clutter of over 30 years.

Denise helped me see that life would go on and my life would be filled with greater levels of simplicity and joy if I could let her guide me through the difficult decisions my children, husband and I had to make. Needless to say, many tears were shed. I learned that it was ok to be sad as parting with so many items and memories would take time to resolve in my own mind. Every step of the way Amazing Grace had my back. Denise resided with us for a full week and great progress was made though we only completed about one third of the estate. Then after she returned to California, we continued to follow her guidelines and beliefs. We also, through Denise, found great solace in donating items to so many worthy associations and learned that there was cash to be made selling our treasures on eBay.

Amazing Grace is our decluttering saint. Our house shines for people coming to view it and we hope that it will soon be sold as the economy recovers. Meanwhile, Denise told us in jest, "declutter your house and you will declutter your life and you will lose weight". Weight loss has been a constant battle for me. Guess what, within a year of the initial declutter, I lost 50 pounds.

Everyday I hear Denise's firm but caring voice telling me how to keep everything moving forward in a positive way. Thank you Amazing Grace!

" Thank you for helping me clean out yesterday!! It's like taking a good laxative."

MSA Los Angeles

Teen client

Dear Denise, Thank you so much for helping me with my room. It was a big task but it has helped my life immensly. I love being organized and it just gives me peace of mind. You are so wonderful and I'm blessed that you helped.

MO Ventura

I work three jobs, have three kids, and my husband is disabled. So, you can imagine the MESS that was at my house. I couldn't get my younger kids to throw anything out. It was too overwhelming for me to even start. Then, Denise came into my life and into my home. Wow!

Denise is such a supportive person. She has helped my family get organized. The children LOVE her and respond very well to her kindness. She treats them so nicely and with respect. When Denise comes to your house to assess it, there is no judgment only solutions. I tell everyone I meet about her because she is so great. Really!!!

Chatsworth, Ca.

To be blunt: I am a slob and have been most of my life.

My name and disorganization have been synonymous. Six months ago, I finally became fed up and decided to make an attempt to establish some order in my apartment and life in general. It was my great good fortune, to have Denise Abdun-Nur to spearhead the effort. Her good cheer, focus, attention to detail, sense of humor and overall professionalism have enabled me, in some profound and surprising ways, to change and enhance my life. Everything is now much easier and less stressful and she, by far, is the biggest reason.
One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Thank you Denise!
Ventura , California

“Denise came in to the office and within a matter of days set up a system that even I can keep up with and allows us the ability to function the way a busy business should.”
TE, Oxnard, CA

"If you ever set up a satellite office in Northern California, I have such a list of clients for you! I've met and worked with organizers over the years but you "get" that it isn't about setting up "your system" and then walking away. It's been incredible watching you working with Sue and the family, working in and around all their idiosyncrasies with "amazing grace". So I get the company name now). JV