The Red Room

The Red Room is a library/ gaming room. For staging we wanted to remove the excess personal items and clutter that would detract from the beauty of the room. We wanted the room to be more spacious so the realtor and guests could walk around easily. We wanted guests’ attention to be drawn to the important features of the room and outside to the amazing gardens. Nothing was purchased to restage. I used art and items from other rooms in the home.
Left bookcase before purging to move and reorganization
Bookcase after (the door opens to cover the left half )
Fireplace before
Fireplace after
All the fire tools and tiny items on the mantle were removed so that the focus would be on the wood burning fireplace and fine art.
Right Bookcase before
I decluttered the shelves and moved the gaming table to open the center of the room and the access to the outside patio.
View from the door –Before
View from the door- After
I removed the unneeded collection in the far right corner to direct your eyes back to the room and then the outside garden. The gaming table was moved far to the left to open access to the patio and to give the room a more spacious feel.
The finished room is open, decluttered and depersonalized so guests can imagine themselves living there.