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About Denise

For as long as I can remember, I have loved organizing. For most of my youth, I shared a room with one of my 4 siblings, who at the time, was really messy. I remember putting tape down the middle of the room to keep her mess on "her side". I put tape down a lot more than that until my parents put an abrupt halt to it. My sister has since "seen the light", but those days were rough for me. I yearned for a quiet, clean, space of my own.
As a young girl, I started competitive athletics and quickly learned to make the most of my time so that every minute counted. The organizing skills I learned then have helped me throughout my life. I have lived with the attitude of being as prepared as possible so that when emergencies do happen, I am better able to cope with the unexpected.

As a teacher and as a mother of two, I made it a priority to teach organizing. When you know how to prepare, you are half way to your goal! Children love to be in control of their world. When they are in charge of their things they feel very grown up. When everything has a place they love to put it away. Still, to this day, what makes me happiest are the simple things. I am truly content in my beautiful gardens, clean, uncluttered home, enjoying family, good friends and homemade food.

PS- I am still offering to organize my sister, as well as other family members. The time we spend together "organizing" has turned out to be very special family time.  

I belong to the National Association of Professional Organizers and am licensed and insured.

NAPO- National Organization for Professional Organizers. Learn more about NAPO by clicking here.



Important Note Regarding Choosing a Professional Organizer

Trust is essential in choosing an organizer. Finding a professional is critically important.
Choosing a person who is well-known and trusted in the community, one who is insured, licensed and possibly bonded is advised. I recommend members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) because our members are focused on continuing education and maintaining high professional standards set by our industry.
Having lived and worked in this community for over 30 years, I feel honored to be considered a trusted friend and professional organizer.