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How I help my clients recycle, reuse and repurpose:

When sorting, I like to have separate bins for the proper disposal of trash, recycling and materials to be shredded. Some clients prefer to "compost" their paper waste.

I can research local dumpsters, shredding companies, storage and more.

It is always fun to buy lots of beautiful organizing items but I frequently do complete jobs where we don't buy materials. I like to reuse or repurpose what is already at the site.

Do you have organizing items that you don't want? I am happy to recycle them. I have a collection of office supplies and organizing materials that I have rescued and use on new jobs all the time. You might even be the lucky recipient of some of them!

I used to list many items on my web site and share how to recycle, repurpose and reuse them. I can no longer keep up with the rapid changes in this area so I now provide the info on an individual basis as needed. In this way I know that I am providing the most current information. I am a member of NAPO and have access to a national forum where I often ask questions and receive great advice.

When we have purged and are ready to donate, I research the best solutions for my clients according to their personal interests or wishes. Then I will provide them with a list to choose from with all the contact info and details needed. For example, pet lovers might want me to find a rescue or shelter for their items. Some women prefer their items to go to homes for abused women and children.

Making donating easy is a large part of my job. It is easier to let go or give items up if you know where they are going or that they will find the perfect new home.

Sometimes I will remove small loads for clients or arrange for large pick ups. I am familiar with what charities will take and enjoy setting up the donations.

Donations needing tax receipts can be time consuming. I have assisted with making the itemized lists and taking photos to document gifts for your records.

When working in my local area, I can refer you to businesses where you might be able to consign or sell items for profit. Often times people are interested in doing this locally or online. I am not a seller but can offer some advice as to whether or not the time and energy to do so is worth it.

Local is important to me. Whether it is people, products or resources, I like to support my community and enjoy sharing my many local resources.

In choosing products that we might need for our projects, I try to reflect the interests or limitations of my clients and consider things like allergies, preferences for recycled materials, green products, no plastic, organic items, and more..

I love the challenge of finding homes for items. Don't trash it! Drop me an email and I will be happy to problem solve with you.

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Why Organize?

For Your Health:

•Dust, allergies, respiratory issues and skin problems all stem from your environment

•Cleanliness- you can’t clean effectively around piles and boxes

•Clutter creates hiding places for mold, rodents, insects and other possible hazards

•Energy- clutter is emotionally draining

•Feng Shui- clutter weighs you down and the flow of energy is blocked by piles of stuff and dust

•Hazards- tripping and falling, getting hurt in a cluttered environment is easy

•Stress makes you sick


•Save time, save money

•Find things - avoid wasteful duplicate purchases

•Pay bills on time, know where they are

•People who respect money, respect their belongings


•Holding on to unresolved emotional issues, sometimes evolves into holding onto clutter

•Not making decisions creates clutter

• Holding onto stuff out of fear. Will I need it someday? Would I be able to replace it? It was expensive..

•Fear of not having enough, or having financial problems. "Needing it someday"

•Consider professional organizing in conjunction with therapy for unresolved traumas that cause you to hold on

Safety & Preparedness:

•Control what you can- be prepared for emergencies!


•Peace in the world begins within each of us

•Honor your things, honor your greater power

•Teach children respect by modeling it- respect your body, home, belongings, planet

•Make room for good to come in- clear out the old, the stagnant and all indecision

•Create a home sanctuary in which to renew and rest

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Weddings 101

Making your house a home! Have you ever wished you had a non-judgmental grandma, or mom, who could just come in and show you the easiest way to set up a kitchen, or home, and then leave with a smile...never getting into your personal business or telling you how to live your life?

Get started the right way, the organized way, is my goal. From warranty cards to spice racks, we'll get it done!

Are you looking for a gift for the couple who has everything? Want to help your loved ones without being intrusive? The gift of organizing is one that can last forever and is completely unique!

Merging households? I can help to merge belongings without conflict and stress from the perspective of a neutral party trained by therapists and relationship coaches! I am dedicated to listen to each party, separately and together, to HEAR what they really want and help them get there without unnecessary struggle and hurt feelings. I am not a therapist and will share my limitations. This merging process can be fun! But if you want your partner to get "cleaned up" before they move in, we can do that too!

New baby on the way? Let's get ready for the new addition! Wouldn't it be nice to have someone do all the bending, lifting and planning to get ready for your new arrival! Together, we can reorganize your home to make room for your new baby or just declutter so you can have a clean, safe, environment. When you bring your baby home you can look forward to resting in your home sanctuary rather than looking at the unfinished projects and piles that make you feel guilty. My gift certificates make a great shower gift!

Have children? Do you get tired of yelling or telling your children to clean up or put their stuff away? Children love structure! They feel empowered and grownup to be able to put their stuff away by themselves. I can work with many children as young as 3-5 years old depending on the child. Having been a teacher for many years I have lots of experience and love working with children! My method involves creating "homes" for their stuff that are kid friendly easily accessible. Creating landing and launching pads eliminates the last minute panic every morning when they are looking for their stuff! School mornings don't have to be crazy and stressful!

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Elder Transitions

Having a Heart Seniors are as special as children but they can also be as sensitive and challenging at times. In many ways, we become children again as we age. It is critically important to treasure the lives and memories or our elders and prevent them from feeling “trashed” with the downsizing of their material lives.

Special Assistance Some seniors are highly organized but due to physical changes they are not able to organize for themselves. It is my honor to assist them by "being their healthy body" and following their lead. As physical changes occur, safety hazards can grow. Dangerous piles accumulate that could be tripped over. Housekeeping becomes a challenge with the extra clutter and impaired vision that often occurs. Memory issues may cause seniors to keep more and more "visible" as reminders. It is very empowering to have a sensitive organizer help seniors regain some control in their lives.

Transitions Wanting to simplify, or downsize, is a common choice of seniors. Sometimes the need to do so is requested by loved ones. Often times aging provides insights into life and through that enlightenment our elders realize what is truly important to them and decide to “lighten” their physical attachments. Often times there is a financial or spatial limitation that requires change. However it comes about, it can be an emotional project with very positive results.

A professional organizer can serve as a neutral third party to assist in making the transition in a sensitive, educated manner.

The Process All transitions are different. An organizer can assist with these steps:

Identify the amount and type of space available
Decide what will stay and what will leave.
Of the items leaving, provide choices or options. Perhaps you might give family members the first right of refusal, then the remaining items could be donated, sold, stored, recycled or trashed.
Orchestrate the move
Assist in the organization of the new space remembering safety, mental and physical limitations or disabilities.

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